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You don't know AdventureRooms yet?
Then it's about time you try out the ultimate team-game!

The two new rooms "Token" and "Horizon" are only available exclusively at AdventureRooms Basel.

It's not easy to crack the game.
There is only one way:  EXPLORE, THINK, ESCAPE!

You're in a room with your group and have exactly 60 minutes to solve all tasks! On your own it's up to you to explore, locate hideouts and secret doors and figure out the meaning behind mysterious objects, devices and strange signs. Only like this your may succeed.


The room escape game does not require any physical effort, is not dangerous and does not contain horror elements, we put the focus on the fun. It's a challenging game for everybody between 9 and 99 years (children under 16 only if accompanied by an adult).



Games AdventureRooms Escape Room Basel

Game I


A new AdventureRooms game with new puzzles. Are you ready?

At home while cleaning up, you'll find a long-forgotten free spin game token...

Booking Token Standard

Booking Token Standard

Booking Token Duel

Booking Token Duel

Game II


A new AdventureRooms game.  New puzzles. Can you solve it?

Imagine you are visiting an old space station with friends and just as you arrive, it is hit by a meteorite.

You have 60 minutes to fix the station before it crashes.

Booking Horizon Standard

Booking Horizon Standard

Booking Horizon Duel

Booking Horizon Duel

To be able to play the AdventureRooms you need an online booking, spontaneous walk-ins are unfortunately not possible. We will need a deposit of CHF 50.00 by credit card. You can pay the remaining amount in cash or with the following gift vouchers and cards:


The price depends on the number of participants. The larger the group, the cheaper the price per person. So get some friends and try to escape together!

Duel mode:

3 vs 3 people CHF 40.00 p.p.
4 vs 4 people CHF 36.00 p.p.
5 vs 5 people CHF 32.00 p.p.
6 vs 6 people CHF 30.00 p.p.

                                              (all prices VAT included)


Standard mode:

2 people CHF 45.00 p.p.
3 people CHF 40.00 p.p.
4 people CHF 36.00 p.p.
5 people CHF 32.00 p.p.
6 people CHF 30.00 p.p

Please find further information about the visit of the AdventureRooms in our FAQ.


AdventureRooms Basel
Elisabethenanlage 11
4051 Basel

Tel +41 (0)61 229 12 24

Email basel(at)adventurerooms.ch

This is how you find us

By car: Google Maps

It is best to park your car in the parking garage Elisabethen from there it is only a 2min walk to us.


By public transport (Basel railway station): SBB

From the station it is only a 3 minute walk to us.


By bike, moped, scooter, motorbike:

There is parking space for your vehicles directly in front of the AdventureRooms Basel.


You have questions about AdventureRooms Basel?

We are happy to help you.

The best way to contact us is by email basel(at)adventurerooms.ch or contact form, please allow us 24h for an answer.
Most questions are answered in the