Frequently Asked Questions about the AdventureRooms Basel

What are the AdventureRooms?

AdventureRooms offers you and your friends, family, colleagues etc. a "real-life escape game". You and your team have 60 minutes to reach the goal, to escape. With cunning and skill you will explore the rooms, find and open closed doors and understand the meaning behind mysterious objects. You will be immersed for an hour in a completely different world. Let us surprise you!

For which occasion is Adventure Rooms suitable?

Would you like to experience an unique adventure with your friends, family or work colleagues? That’s exactly what we at AdventureRooms offer. A visit to the AdventureRooms can also be part of a birthday party or a wedding shower. It’s also a great team building event forcompanies or for teachers to bring their students.

Are all AdventureRooms the same?

All the games at AdventureRooms Basel are new and Original. Also, you can play them in any order.

Which slots are still available? How do I book?

The available slots can be found on our booking page. Simply click on our website at "BOOK".

We are X people and want to come play at Y day. Can you send us an offer?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept booking requests by email. Prices and starting times are fixed and the availability of slots is constantly changing.

Please book directly on our booking page.

Can I play spontaneously on the same day?

No, unfortunately not. You have to book an appointment online one day in advance, so we can prepare and reserve the game course for you.

How much does it cost?

The prices are displayed on our webpage and booking system. Please note, the price is always per person.

How can I pay?

When booking, a deposit of CHF 50.-, paid with a credit card, is needed. You can pay the rest on the spot by cash. If you have a voucher please give it to the present game master. A possible credit will be reimbursed on the spot.

The following gift vouchers and credit cards are accepted on location:


Can i pay with Pro Innerstadt Basel gift vouchers?

Yes, you are very welcome to pay with Pro Innerstadt Basel gift vouchers.

What's the duration of the game?

The play time is 60 minutes maximum. For the whole event please expect for the standard course around 1 hour and 30 minutes and for a duel 1 hour and 45 minutes. We need time for the introduction, discussion at the end, questions about the puzzles and for a group photo. If you play a duel, there will be a break of around 15 minutes between both playing rounds.

What's a duel?

The duel mode is intended for larger groups of 6-12 people. The group is divided into two teams which simultaneously play 2x30 minutes. After the first 30 minutes there is a break of around 15 minutes, followed by the second round with the roles reversed (hunters become the hunted and vice versa). Thus, after 60 minutes of playing all participants have completed the whole course.

Shall we be on time or a bit earlier?

In the short break between two groups we need to arrange the course again. So there's no point in arriving too early. Please be on time, better 5 minutes in advance. Please don’t be late! In the event of significant delays we will unfortunately have to shorten your playing time, so the next group can start on time.

Can I park my car at the AdventureRooms?

No, unfortunately we do not have private parking spaces. However, the Elisabethen Parking is only 2min on foot to the AdventureRooms.

How many people can simultaneously play in the standard game mode?

The maximum number of participants in the standard game mode are 6 people. If you’re 7 or more participants, it’s simply too tight and each individual participant will no longer see most of the puzzles. For group sizes of 7-12 participants, we recommend you book the duel mode or two standard game modes consecutively.

How many people can simultaneously play in the duel mode?

In the duel mode the maximum number of participants is 12 (6 vs. 6 simultaneously). For groups larger 12 people, we recommend to book two games consecutively.

The number of participants has changed now and we have already booked. What should we do?

As long as the maximum number of participants is not exceeded, it’s not a problem and you don’t have to contact us. After the game, the effective number of players will be charged.

Can the AdventureRooms also be played alone?

No, it’s supposed to be a group experience. The Mirror game can be played minimum by two people. It would also be virtually impossible to solve all the puzzles alone in one hour.

Is the game also available in other languages?

Yes, you can complete the game in any language, no need to ask for a specific language.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes, and we've got something special and original by AdventureRooms for you: our vouchers will be delivered in a mysterious wooden box. Opening this mysterious box is then, so to speak, the first step for playing the AdventureRooms. The gift voucher can easily be bought on our online shop. More information can be found on our website.

For what age are the AdventureRooms suitable?

Children and adolescents from 9 to 15 have to be accompanied by an adult. Please also understand that we, under no circumstance, can take care of your baby while playing.

Are the games dangerous?

The game is not dangerous in any way and requires no effort (no running, climbing, crawling...). As long as the rules are followed, which are explained at the beginning, the game is no more dangerous than going to the cinema. Please note that participation is always at your own risk and insurance is responsibility of the participants.

Can pregnant women also participate?

There is no problem for pregnant women to participate in our game and many already have successfully completed the course. It’s important that you remain calm while playing. Please note that participation is always at your own risk and insurance is responsibility of the participants.

Are there any restrictions?

The game master may exclude intoxicated persons from the game. Please note that it’s not possible for us to take care of babies or pets. Individuals who have strong fear of enclosed spaces or about being chained, our game is unsuitable. Claustrophobia, however, is usually not a problem because the spaces are quite large.

Are toilets available in the premises?


Are the Puzzle Rooms Air-Conditioned?

Yes, our games in Basel are tempered so that it doesn't get too warm in summer and too cold in winter. 

Can we take pictures or videos of our adventure?

After the game a group photo will be taken and will be published (with permission) on our Facebook page.
Photographing or filming during the game is strictly prohibited.

Where can I find pictures of earlier groups?

Please check our Facebook page.

Where can I find reviews of former participants?

On our TripAdvisor page and on our Facebook page.

I would like to work for you as game master!

We are always pleased to receive applications from young motivated people. Please write us a message with your CV at: We will answer ASAP.

We really like your project and would like to support you (sponsorship, material), how can we contact you?

That makes us very happy! Please write us an email at and we will get in touch with you.

That's a pity...! Unfortunately we have to charge you the full amount if you don't cancel the booking on time (at least 48 hours before the booking). If you do, you can change your booking once to another time, if you do not wish so, your deposit payment will expire.

We have a complaint. How can we contact you?

We're extremely sorry that you are unhappy with us. Please describe us the problem at and we will immediately get in touch with you personally and do everything possible to solve the problem.

We would like to use the concept and offer AdventureRooms in our city. Is this possible?

Yes, it is possible to operate your own AdventureRooms as a franchise. Please write an email with your data and for which city/region you are interested in:

Can I redeem my blue Migros Cumulus vouchers directly at AdventureRooms?

No, unfortunately not. Please exchange your blue 5.- voucher of Migros Cumulus online at ( or by phone: 0848 85 0848. For your blue CHF 5.- voucher you will receive a CHF 15.- voucher of AdventureRooms, which you will have to bring with you to the game. Only one voucher may be redeemed per group.